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    +32 475568244

    Bank: BE 09 3900 6741 5257 BIC: BBRUBEBB

    BTW/VAT: BE 0865907518

Payment provider: Mollie


Two years 'dropoff to local postoffice & return' hardware warranty. VAT-free delivery for EU companies with VAT number possible (-21%).
Transport Lead times : Belgium-Netherlands: 24h - Europe(incl Suisse&Norway): 48h - World: depends on country.

We are a certified OEM installer of Ubuntu/linux-mint + derivatives and  Manjaro

Return policy:

Due to the nature of the customized products it is not possible to return the products according Art. 80 §4, 2 ° Act. Each sale-purchase is final and not subject to any reflection period. However, we can re-install or replace the software on the computer with our return transport service after approval.


Any computer or notebook has two-year limited hardware warranty. Hardware failures must first be notified. After approval of the RMA the customer will be sent a postal transport sticker so that the customer can return the goods at the local post office (free).

After-sales service:

There is unlimited software help after sale through our helpdesk.

A remote help system is also available to take over the computer if necessary.


Our free software notebooks are "designed for privacy by default"
At first start-up you do not have to turn off privacy settings that are turned on as standard with Windows.
With our site blocker you can block sites, such as facebook, in & out, so that no cookies can be installed or data can be collected with, for example, the facebook pixel (also not facebook members are followed)
For orders placed with a guest account, no customer data is stored in our webshop. For orders placed as a customer (where customer is created), customer data is stored in our webshop for future orders. These are completely removed on simple request.
Our website does not use cookies or trackers in any way.

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