Manjaro Backup + Recovery Ext. usb ssd

* Transport Usb stick:

External ssd upgrade:

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Stay ahead of lockbit ransomware attack:

1 TB Exernal ssd + startech usb to sata adaptor for backup, restore and rescue linux, mac  or Windows operating systems.

-supergrub: boot any operating system that is on the computer harddisk, even with damaged uefi boot.

-Systemrescue : rescue files and check disks

-redorescue: make a backup of your current windows or linux system to the usb ssd. Or restore your computer with a backup from the ext ssd to the pc.

-partedmagic: best tool to recover files and data from dead harddisk or deleted harddisks. Also good for wiping all data on harddisks .

-rescuezilla: also for backup and rescue disks.

Make sure to choose the best ssd volume for the your os. For example a fresh installed ubuntu is about 10 to 15 GB. Windows 11 can be from 40GB .